Building result brings long-awaited relief for pensioner

Left to right- WSCLC solicitor James and Bill

Bill, a pensioner with mobility concerns, has spent many years trying to resolve a building drama with his home.

WSCLC Limited solicitors argued that in 2012, faulty building work was done to verandas in Bill’s house. It was acknowledged by the NSW Department of Fair Trading that two of Bill’s balconies were not properly waterproofed. Additionally, some of the material used to support the balconies was deemed inappropriate for its use.

These building issues have caused an array of issues for Bill. He has not been able to properly use these outdoor parts of his home. In addition to this, the attempted (and failed) efforts by the builder to fix the issues, has meant Bill has had to constantly open up his house to outsiders- years after the construction work should have ended.

After negotiating with the builder on Bill’s behalf, a WSCLC solicitor achieved a fantastic outcome- a $38,000 settlement in Bill’s favour. The settlement was a huge improvement on the builder’s initial offer of $2,000. The outcome means Bill can finally have his balconies fixed, does not have to deal with the stress of the issue any more, and can properly enjoy his home.

Bill said, ‘they (WSCLC solicitors) went to court with me twice. They done all this paperwork….they done all this [work]. Wow, wow, wow- fantastic job… without you guys, dead set, I wouldn’t know what to do….I’ve told a lot of people [about you]’.


WSCLC runs a Home Building Advocacy Service– a free, state-wide, legal advice service to assist people with their home building matters. The service can be contacted on (02) 8833 0911.

Left to right: Bill’s daughter, WSCLC Limited solicitor James, and Bill


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