WSCLC supports #StandByMe and Disability Advocacy

WSCLC supports #StandByMe and Disability Advocacy

The Commonwealth Government recently announced that funding for national disability advocacy will end in June 2020. NSW state funding for advocacy, information and peak representation is also slated to cease in June 2018. This threatens a number of services which provide advocacy, information and support to people with disability. The VIC government has committed to fully fund independent disability advocacy, recognising that it is an essential service. We hope that the NSW government will do the same.

#StandByMe is a campaign by the NSW Disability Advocacy Alliance to restore NSW’s disability advocacy funding. #StandByMe is about ensuring that people with disability have a voice; that they have input into and control over decisions that affect their lives.

WSCLC is proud to support #StandByMe, not least because we recognise the vital work undertaken by our colleagues at Disability Advocacy NSW, who share our office.

We encourage you to sign the petition calling on the Premier of NSW, Gladys Berejiklian, to commit the NSW Government to ongoing funding for NSW independent disability advocacy.

About Disability Advocacy NSW

Disability Advocacy NSW (DA) is a not for profit organisation that provides free and independent individual advocacy support to people with a disability across NSW. DA has locally-based advocates in the Parramatta, Windsor and Lithgow areas and provides face-to-face outreach support across the Nepean and Blue Mountains region.

DA has an important role to play in the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) by ensuring that people with a disability receive fair treatment in their dealings with the National Disability Insurance Agency. DA employs specialist NDIS Appeals Officers to support people who wish to question or challenge decisions made by the NDIA in relation to access, planning, and review processes. DA is committed to ensuring people understand how the NDIS works and that they have the right to challenge NDIS decisions.

NDIS Appeals officers at DA are trained in the appeals process and can support people who feel their NDIS plan will not meet their reasonable needs or if their application to access the scheme has been denied. In appealing NDIS decisions DA officers can provide support in seeking an internal review, or in taking their matter to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal if they are not satisfied with the outcome of the internal review process.

To enquire about DA’s services or to request assistance in seeking a review of an NDIS decision, you can call 1300 365 085 and speak directly with an experienced Intake officer or you can fill out an online referral form at

Photo: WSCLC staff and advocates from Disability Advocacy NSW supporting the #StandByMe campaign

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