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With the new COVID-19 restrictions, some of our programs have changed how they are operating from Monday 28 June 2021 until the end of the lockdown period.  

The Community Legal Centre Program is still delivering legal services remotely. If you need legal help, the quickest and easiest way to submit an enquiry is through our online form. If you cannot complete our online form, you can call us on (02) 8833 0911 however the restrictions have limited the staff we have available to answer phone calls, and there may be delays in getting back to you over the phone.  

The Children’s Court Advocacy Service (CCAS) will not be attending courts during the lockdown period, but are still available to accept referrals remotely. You can contact CCAS via phone on (02) 8667 2517.  

The Western Sydney Tenants’ Service (WESTS) and Home Building Advocacy Service (HoBAS) are still providing their services remotely. The WESTS Penrith office is not open to the public during the lockdown period. You can contact WESTS via phone on (02) 8833 0933, email at [email protected], or through their online form. You can contact HoBAS via phone on (02) 8833 0994 or email at [email protected] 

Finally, the Cumberland Women’s Domestic Violence Court Advocacy Service (CWDVCAS) are still offering court support in saferooms and accepting referrals to their service. You can contact CWDVCAS via phone on (02) 8833 0922 or email at [email protected] 

UPDATE: Due to the high numbers of cases in Western Sydney, the Central West Contact Service has temporarily suspended contact sessions. The COVID-19 situation will be re-evaluated over the next few weeks to determine when it is safe to resume. 

We wish our community a safe lockdown and will continue supporting the residents of Western Sydney through this outbreak.  

If you or someone you know is struggling, NSW Health has a contact list of mental health services and supports throughout NSW which you can find here 

Online Safety Bar Quick Exit

This website has a “quick exit” button near the top right-hand corner of each page. This button will close the Western Sydney Community Legal Centre website and open the Bureau of Meteorology website. The button may be helpful if you are worried that you are being monitored and you are concerned that someone is about to find you looking at this site.

However, the quick close button will not delete your browser history. This means that if the person checks your browser history they will be able to see that you have visited this website.

For information on deleting your internet history click here.

If someone is monitoring your online activity using spyware or monitoring devices, they will still be able to see that you have visited this website.

Remember: Deleting large parts of your internet history may alert your abuser.

To discuss your online safety call DVConnect 1800 811 811 (24-hour telephone advice line) or 1800 RESPECT (1800 737 732) (24-hour telephone counselling line).

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